National Concrete Cutting Co. » FAQ.

Q: Can you cut material other than concrete?

Yes, though National Concrete Cutting specializes in concrete, we can cut through brick, asphalt, steel, wood, refractory brick, and solid granite.

Q: How far will you travel to do a job?

While most National Concrete Cutting jobs are within 100 miles of our office, we will travel as far as necessary to meet our customers needs.

Q: What are your hole drilling capabilities?

We have bits from 1/2" to 2.5" in 1/8" increments; from 3" to 6" in 1/2" increments; from 6" to 12" in 1" increments; from 12" to 30" in 2" increments. In addition, we have 32", 36", 42", 48" and 60" bits and National Concrete always has the ability to purchase larger bits or any special size that our customers require.

Q: Can you drill a hole upside down or on an angle?

Yes, National Concrete's drilling rig can be set up to operate upside down and can be adjusted to drill on any angle.

Q: What is the deepest hole you can drill?

With the drilling equipment presently in our inventory, the depth of a hole is almost unlimited.

Q: How close can you cut to an adjacent wall or floor?

Due in part to recent developments in blade design, National Concrete can cut flush with adjacent walls and floors. We can also cut walls at angles other than perpendicular to the wall surface.

Q: Do you have to use water when sawing?

No, it is possible to saw without water. However, when sawing dry, dust control can be more difficult than controlling the water used in normal sawing.

Q: Can you saw on a ceiling?

Yes, ceiling sawing, as well as sawing at odd angles, is well within National Concrete's capabilities.

Q: How deep can you saw on a floor?

As with wall sawing, we have the ability to cut 30" deep. Larger blades can be purchased if deeper cutting is required.

Q: How close can you cut to an adjacent wall?

National Concrete can cut within 2" of the adjacent wall using a parallel cut. With a perpendicular cut, we are able to cut flush to the wall.

Q: Do you have any specialized sawing applications?

We're able to groove floors to improve traction in slippery areas, grind the surface of slabs to eliminate uneven floor surfaces, and create rumble strips to slow traffic.